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Aisha Saraf Kothari



Man with Black Frame Glasses

Driven by the energy of making an impact and seeing a change around herself. Aisha founded AISPI (i-spy) a fashion platform that introduces you to the hidden gems of Europe's fashion world. With experience in market strategies, she also works as a startup / scale-up consultant with EY, helping you get one step closer to your big dream. An avid traveler, explorer and debator - get in touch with her today!

In this workshop, Aisha who has worked and lived in over 5 different countries will dive deeper into not only cultural interactions in business but also personal professional attributes. She will speak about how to say what to whom and when in order to excel professionally. It also included snippets of her personal journey from a corporate consultant in New York to a startup consultant and global fashion founder. She will dive deeper into how managing people and adapting to different cultures can lead to accelerated success in the workplace. Also sharing insights into her journey as a Female Entrepreneur.
This is the third time Aisha conducts this workshop for us and previously it has been highly appreciated - definitely one not to miss!

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